Half-board: €25 per person

Included in the half-board option: 1 starter + 1 main course, water and a cup of coffee.


  • Soup of the Day
  • Greek Salad with olives, tzatziki and fetacheese
  • Homemade Cheesecroquette with a mixed salad
  • Tartare of Salmon with wasabi

Main course

  • Special of the House : Steak Tartare with mixed salad and fresh Belgium fries
  • Steak Tartare Southern Way without mayonaisse , with Parmesan and basil, salad and Belgium fries
  • Homemade stew of Beef with a mixed salad and fresh Belgium fries
  • Ragoût of chicken and meatballs, salad and Belgium fries
  • Grilled Salmon with a fresh Béarnaisesauce, salad and fries
  • Spahetti Bolognaise with or without Cheese
  • Pasta with homemade Pestosauce and Parmesan Cheese (vegetarian)
  • Vegetarian ravioli filled with vegetables of the season and sauce of the Chief
  • Ravioli of the day and sauce of the Chief
  • Carpaccio of Beef with rucola and Parmesan